If anyone is curious about the fishing down here in the Florida Keys, there is one word to describe it. FABULOUS! We are in full swing and it’s business as usual and we would say it’s better than usual.

The restaurants are open, the bars are open, the hotels are open. We did take a wack, we are not going to deny that but the Florida Keys are resilient and if there is one place on earth that bounces back after a storm, it’s here.

The people, the business and you, the people we need most to support us and have a great time too!

Now about the fishing, the reef fishing is incredible with very hungry fish.

Mutton, groupers, snappers, yellowtail, Mahi, kingfish, wahoo and cobia. How’s that for fishing? An incredible mixed bag of dinner.

We hope to see y’all soon and get you on the fish.

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